Rats and Ladies

by DrBoKarma

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You bin beside yourself


Rats and Ladies

At the beginning and at the very end
Forgetting the cost ‘cause you’ve not got lots to spend
Equalling chocolate to pure joy
Waiting for pats like a good, good boy
As you’re stumbling so you’re mumbling
Something about the bit you are champing on

And then suddenly man’s best friend
Turns up with some cash to lend
Speaking of mice and men
To rats and ladies

We seem to have taken the long way round
Over broken ground
Why one minute we’re lost then found
To make a familiar sound
Speaking of mice and men
To rats and ladies

Music and lyrics © 2007 Middlemarch Ltd


released March 15, 2008
Written by MarkB performed by the Karmalites




DrBoKarma Brighton, UK

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