Hot Weather

by DrBoKarma

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Gracious 'swarm


Hot Weather

Hot weather
Not summer
Where is the reason
When is the season to go
Up river chopping timber
Still makes you shiver
How an old paddle steamer
Can rattle and roll

Hot weather
Lots coming
Sidewalks are baking
Ladies perspiring although
It isn’t even summer
Papers are burning and the
Questions are starting to glow

How can this be, with blossoms all bursting in January
Heaven knows, but everybody’s taking showers and changing clothes
If this is winter I begin to fear for the spring
And what the coming year is going to bring

Hot weather!

Thought I knew
what was hot
Then this December
And a temperature I don’t know what
Thought we had it cut and dried
Now things are boiling,
Now things are frizzling and frying

Then you tell me
That we’ve leaned on the world until it’s down on its knees
All we see is flames on TV
perhaps we shouldn’t have cash-cropped all those trees
And now we’re burning as we’re learning another child is due
But after harvest who will shadow you?

Hot weather
Hell for leather
Heather and Stella are wearing red dresses tonight.

Melody © Mark Broad, Middlemarch Ltd
Lyrics © Mark Broad & Simon Broad, Middlemarch Ltd


released March 15, 2008
Music: Mark Broad
Lyrics: Mark Broad & Simon Broad




DrBoKarma Brighton, UK

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